Fully Financed Taiwan Government Scholarship 2023

Fully Financed Taiwan Government Scholarship 2023


The fully Financed Taiwan Government Scholarship is an excellent scholarship project purpose at attracting outstanding international candidates to continue higher education in Taiwan. It gives economic support to candidates from all over the globe who wish to study in Taiwanese universities, colleges, and other higher education centers. This scholarship is obtainable for master’s, and doctoral degree projects, as well as for Mandarin language projects. It fulfills various educational fields and disciplines, including science, technology, engineering, arts, social sciences, and others.

Scholarship Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for the Fully Financed Taiwan Government Scholarship are:

Participants should be foreign nationals with a secondary school graduation diploma or a post-secondary diploma or degree, an excellent educational nature record, and be of good moral character.

A person in any of the different categories is ineligible to sign in:

1. A R.O.C. national or abroad Chinese candidate.

2. A person who so far has and is continuing to maintain candidate status at any university or tertiary college in Taiwan or a person who has so far registered to continue studies at a university/college in Taiwan. This constricted does not sign in to a candidate who will fulfil a degree and graduate that year. They can sign in for a Taiwan Scholarship to continue a higher degree.

3. A person who has so far studied in Taiwan for a transcript at the same level as the one in which they have in view to enroll.

4. An exchange candidate or dual/joint degree candidate who has been revealed to a university/college in Taiwan in accordance with an educational cooperation agreement between the university/college in Taiwan and a foreign university/college.

5. A person who has taken a Taiwan Scholarship for a total of five years.

6. A person who has ever had a Taiwan Scholarship or MOE Huayu embellishment Scholarship revoked.

7. A person who has taken any other scholarship or allowance from any Taiwan Government agency or any education center in Taiwan. This does not involve any subsidy given to Taiwan Scholarship recipients by a university/college to pay the outstanding amount of their tuition and other charges if the total amount crosses the large amount given by the scholarship.

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Scholarship Advantages

The advantages of the Fully Financed Taiwan Government Scholarship are:

1. Tuition and miscellaneous charges: The MOE shelter approved tuition and miscellaneous charges up to NTD 40,000 per semester. If the total charges are more than NTD 40,000, the remaining amount should be paid by the candidates. Miscellaneous charges do not contain administration charges, thesis supervision charges, insurance premiums, allocations, or internet access, which are the responsibility of the scholarship recipient.

2. Living allowance: Each recipient undertaking university undergraduate studies receives a monthly pension of NTD 15,000, while participants who continue a master’s or doctoral transcript take a monthly pension of NTD 20,000.

3. Discounts on tuition and charges: Some universities/colleges may provide scholarship recipients discounts on tuition and/or miscellaneous charges. The complete information on these discounts should be submitted by the university/college to the MOE annually, containing information on which departments/institutes are giving the discounts and a copy of the charges standard


When is the Fully Financed Taiwan Government Scholarship 2023-24 application deadline?
The Fully Financed Taiwan Government Scholarship 2023-24 last date is 01 September 2023.
Who is permit for Fully Financed Taiwan Government Scholarship 2023-24

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